Bates Motel is Scary Setting for Psycho

Alfred Hitchcock’s film Psycho (1960) set the standard for Horror/Suspense and post-modern Horror has been hobbling to catch up ever since. Psycho takes place at the creepy Bates Motel where cross-dressing Norman Bates finds his victims in the Shower……with a Butcher Knife. He, of course, is the original Slasher who arrived on the Horror scene long before Michael Myers or Jason.

The Old Courthouse Catacombs and the House of Lecter have re-built the Bates Motel ( including the rainstorm ) in full detail. Be extremely careful as you make your way through the dark Motel…..where Norman Bates and his mummified Corpse Mother are waiting. We’ll leave the light on for you.

Infamous Monsters

Who are the Infamous Monsters? They are the Scariest, Creepiest and otherwise most Horrifying Creatures from yesterday and today…..that you have loved to Hate.The Tri-States Oldest and Scariest Halloween tradition is home to the world’s largest gathering of frightful, creepy and gruesome Creatures. Two Haunted Houses, Two Blocks Apart….Twice the Scare.

Take a daring step beyond the threshold of your own imagination into the paranormal and the dreadful, hair-raising, ghastly and blood-curdling world of the Infamous Monsters. As you step into the dark, decayed and time-rotted tombs of the Catacombs and House of Lecter, there is a presense of Doom. Then, suddenly, the Infamous Monsters creep out of the shadows. Never look into the eye of the Grotesque, Living, Stone Statue. According to Legend, it is protecting a decayed corpse who doesn’t want to stay still in his tomb.

As you enter the thick pool of shadow on Downtown Evansville’s Darkest Corners, the Infamous Monsters of yesterday and today begin to stir in the Gloomy, Unearthly and Haunting atmosphere of the House of Lecter and the Old Courthouse Catacombs.

Night of the Werewolf

LYCANTHROPY ( Werewolfism )

A disease of the mind in which human beings imagine they are wolf-men. According to an old LEGEND which persists in certain localities, the victims actually assume the physical characteristics of the animal.

There are two types of werewolves; those transformed by Lycaeoniac curse, and those by black magic.

“Cursed lycanthropes” are human beings who are involuntarily turned into flesh eating canines. Most commonly they are damned after, being bitten by werewolves, born into a cursed bloodline, devouring the flesh of a lycanthrope or entrails of a human being, and condemned by a witch or gypsy. All are subject to the phases of the moon, unable to control their metamorphoses.

The Legend of Colin Vale

Colin Vale was 19 years old when his family moved from the mountains of West Virginia to the Southern Indiana town of Evansville, in 1887. They lived in a run-down shanty on the north end of town along Pigeon Creek. Colin’s father, mother and sister were rarely seen in Evansville during the daytime hours, however, Colin worked for a blacksmith in Evansville by day and made the long walk home on foot each night. In the summer of 1888 Colin was hired on the large crew that started digging the foundation footings for the Vanderburgh County Courthouse. It was to be built on it’s current site which was also the former turnaround basin for the abandoned Wabash and Erie Canal. The Canal was drained in 1873 and backfilled that same year. As construction of the courthouse proceeded, deeply excavated trenches formed a rectangular perimeter at 4th and Vine. Although Southern Indiana experienced a drought that summer, water continued to seep in along the south end of the footings and had to be pumped out 24 hrs a day.
Then, on the morning of June 25, the mysterious and never fully explained Courthouse Tragedy occured. Apparently, just before noon, a large portion of south footing walls collapsed and immediately flooded the 10′ deep trenches, washing away dozens of construction workers with tidal wave force. Sand pockets from the old canal washed out as well, leaving hundreds of deep caverns that sucked down equipment and crew. All together, 26 men were never found. Survivors described the horrible sound of crashing lumber, screaming, and painful cries as their crew members were drawn down with a thundering woosh, into the depths of the catacombs.

Just as quickly, sand, rock and debris filled the holes and within minutes the water had dissipated. All that remained were the stunned survivors who gazed down into mud filled trenches. Colin Vale was among the missing and his name and the others who perished in the disaster were engraved on a plaque and it was erected on the site. Construction of the Vanderburgh County Courthouse was completed in 1892.

Ghost Story

Evansville’s Old Courthouse has earned a haunting reputation

“A lot of people don’t believe in ghosts, and I didn’t either … but something was there.”
A woman appeared, dressed entirely in black and entered the elevator. As Machuca and her daughter were trying to figure out where the woman came from they saw her again.
Read the actual article from The Evansville Press

New Evidence Of Paranormal

The Indiana Ghost Trackers Association recently conducted investigations in both The Old Courthouse Catacombs and The House Of Lecter. Results of their study conclude that both buildings contain Paranormal Activity that reflects “Haunting.”One of the most unusual incidents was in an area beneath the old courthouse in the catacombs. In one particular area the investigative team’s compass began to spin around repeatedly. There was no electrical panels, live wires or metal in the area. They concluded that something might be buried in the dirt floors. The  ground directly below the compass was excavated with a shovel only producing broken chunks of brick and an old small bottle with a cap.

However, closer inspection of the bottle revealed it was stuffed full of newspaper articles. After failing to remove the articles with tweezers, the team decided to break the bottle. Dozens of old crumbling articles, dating back to Feb. 27th, 1927 were inside. Oddly enough the articles were all stories or notices about murders or missing people.

In a strangely connected event, last year during the haunted house tours, two characters claimed they saw a ghost. It occurred in the room next to the room where the bottle was discovered.

According to the floor supervisor’s report, the two men said they saw something floating along near the ceiling that suddenly dashed out of the room in to the
next chamber. Several people, including the supervisor, noted that the two men were visibly shaken. They left the building immediately and never returned, not even for their paycheck.
Other tests indicated variances in temperature and digital recording displayed orbs in both structures.

Indiana Ghost Trackers’ Report

Indiana Ghost Trackers, Evansville Chapter

Follow-up visit to the Old Courthouse Catacombs – August 17, 2003

On the above date we were invited back to further explore several areas of interest that we encountered on our first visit to the Old Courthouse Catacombs, Evansville, IN. Temperature readings were taken in various areas with very little fluctuation (.5 – 1 degree), and we did not have any results from our EVP recordings, neither in the Fifth St. alcove nor in the actual catacombs themselves. All of our EVP results were obtained in the first visit on July 27, 2003.

What was most interesting, however, were the readings we continued to get in the same area we detected magnetic influence on our first visit. Our compass consistently spun wildly (in a complete circle) in a defined area of the floor in this area. None of us has ever witnessed a compass doing this. This area is where several of the employees at the Catacombs show saw a spectral form moving from another room into this area. Using our temperature gauge in this area, we found nothing out of the ordinary. On our previous visit we detected a marked change in temperature. We took readings using our Tri-Field and did not get any readings indicating electrical interference, but did get marginal readings in the magnetic range (2-3 mill gauss). The spectacular readings still were from the compass. There were no electrical lines in the floor and the power had been cut to the speakers and sound system in that area. The soil itself did not seem to have any magnetic properties. Our host obtained a shovel and dug down into the earthen floor approximately 2 feet or more and found a very old whisky bottle with newspaper clippings from what we determined were from the 20′s – 1927 to be exact. Several of the tiny pieces of paper were very cryptic and impossible to link to the others. There were two pictures – one of a man and another of a woman, but no names were listed on the clippings for these individuals. The woman appeared to have a short, dark pageboy haircut and wore classes. The man also had dark hair – not quite as dark as the woman’s – with it parted slightly off center to his right. He was wearing a suit with a tie. Most of the clippings looked to be from February of 1927 with one showing February 27. There was a cartoon picture of an angel that apparently had its head torn off deliberately. One clipping had a partial heading of “Death” and under that: “…Also takes stand… relating events leading to husband’s murder.: Another one was: “Girl’s Headless, Armless Remains Found in…” Another was: “Woman, Former Resident Here (?)… Victim.” Another had only one word that was legible – “Victims.” The one with the most information was the following:

“Body, Almost Nude, (?) Broken, Sighted by Boys Near South Bend.” The article reads as follows: South Bend, Feb. 10 – (AP) The decapitated and partly dismembered body of a girl was found today in the St. Joseph river near South Bend and the police tonight were working on a theory that it may be the remains of one of four girls or women reported missing in the vicinity during the past few months (sic?). Identification was impossible …(?).. .shoulders… and (?). There was also a March Sky Map for 9 o’clock March 4, 8 o’clock Mar. 19. Moon’s phases: New M. 3rd, First Qr 10th, Full M. 18th, Last Qr 26th. The readings we obtained as well as the actual digging of the hole have been documented on videotape.

We cannot come to any solid conclusions about what this bottle with the clippings in it all means. It does not seem to have anything to do with the compass readings, as we examined the area and hole without the bottle and obtained the same thing. The clippings are very cryptic. We have attempted to research them without much luck so far. Needless to say, the fact that they involved murder and brutal ones at that, would lead us to believe that someone who saved these had a personal interest in this information, although we cannot say for sure. Our group will continue to research these findings and report any information we can.

Indiana Ghost Trackers, Evansville Chapter

Visit to The House of Lector, September 14, 2003

On this visit we did not take any temperature readings nor did we do any EVP recordings. We did capture several orbs on digital film and one very faint one on APS film. Nothing spectacular was recorded on this visit, but we did get a very nice history lesson regarding this building and its structure. At some future date we may be able to visit again and get more in-depth with our investigation.

In conclusion, we noted several unusual EVP recordings on our first visit to the Courthouse (unexplained noises and something that sounded like a scream), various pictures and temperature readings at that time, and of course the readings stated above on our second visit as well as some pictures taken at the House of Lector. No definite conclusions can be made at this time as to what any of this means, as this is not an exact science. We do feel, however, that there is something unusual going on here that will warrant further exploration and study.

Police Call In Ghostbusters

Strange happenings prompt police to call in ghostbusters

By BRUCE SCHREINER Associated Press writer September 7, 2003

SHELBYVILLE, Ky. – Stumped by mysterious sights and sounds in their own headquarters, who did police call? Ghost hunters.
In the still of night, doors rattled and stairwells creaked in the city’s police department. In the light of day, a secretary’s desk drawer opened on its own. A city worker who toured the building late one night even reported feeling something grab her leg.

So the police took the probe to another dimension. “The way I treat it is not that there is a ghost, there’s just things that I can’t explain,” said officer John Wilson, who contacted the Scientific Investigative Ghost Hunting Team, based in Louisville.

The team of professional paranormal investigators gave the brick building a preliminary review and will return this fall for a thorough probe. The group will set up cameras, tape recorders and infrared thermometers to capture any temperature variations.

The goal is to try to prove the strange occurrences aren’t caused by paranormal forces, said Kay Owen, vice president of the nonprofit ghost hunting team.
“We’ll go in and try to re-create everything that they are experiencing,” she said. “If they can re-create it, it’s not paranormal. It can be explained. It’s a process of elimination.”

The team already determined the doors are hung properly on hinges.

In the spring, police in this town about 20 miles east of Louisville moved into the brick building, part of which was renovated and dates back to the 19th century. The rest of the headquarters was built new.

Wilson, a regular on the night shift, said Wednesday he started noticing unexplainable events soon after the headquarters opened. One night, he was stuffing paperwork into a mail slot when he noticed a door to his left jiggling. “It was like someone was trying to get in but didn’t have the key,” Wilson said.

Wilson checked and no one was on the other side of the door.

The following nights, Wilson and other officers heard knocking on doors and walls. Sometimes, doors opened and closed on their own. Quick checks turned up no one responsible, he said.
Other nights, officers heard what seemed to be footsteps on the stairs, but again no one was there, he said.

Once, officers and members of the ghost hunting team came across what seemed to be a strange column of heat in an upstairs hallway, Wilson said. He starting sweating in one part of the hallway where it was extremely hot, he said. A few steps away it turned cool, he said.

“We can’t explain that. It’s still under investigation,” Owen said. Wilson said a half-dozen officers have seen or heard strange things at the headquarters. He said they aren’t jumping to any conclusions.

“Nobody’s seen a big, shadowy figure walking around or anything like that,” Wilson said. “It’s just lots of little things that make you scratch your head and wonder what’s going on. I’m not making it out to be like Poltergeist.”

Research Discovers Strange Phenomena in Olde Courthouse Catacombs

Date: November 1, 2000
From: Timothy M. Harte – MESA (Multi Energy Sensory Array)
To: The Olde Courthouse Catacombs

Dear Sirs,

Enclosed are the graphs for the Olde Courthouse experiment, which was conducted on October 31, 2000. I believe we have some interesting activity that is characteristic of haunting activity. I will explain each graph, and how it might be indicative (or not) of haunting activity.

The first place measured was the doorway in the catacombs leading to the old jail. Many people sensed a cold draft coming from the tunnel leading to the old jail. Psychic Lou Wright thought there was activity here. I tend to agree with this statement, as the static electromagnetic fields indicate. This site was called “Catacombs.” The computer sampled this area at 40 times a second. No alarms were set on the computer to achieve a better audio sample on the 8mm film and VHS camera to document phenomena.

Channel 1: Infrared light sensor (IR): This is perhaps the most strange thing of all the data recorded for the evening. I cannot understand why the IR light should change in this area. The light  sources that emanate IR light must have decreased in intensity somehow, then back again, starting at just after 0.4 hours. Just before the 0.6 hour mark, there are fluctions between 5 and almost 7 footcandles. I cannot explain why this occurred, therefore it might be paranormal, or anomalous changes in the environment.’s Mission: Haunting

Haunting phenomena, including poltergeist-like episodes, has been defined as visual, auditory, and olfactory hallucinations; sensed presence, including the feeling of not being alone, or a touch; erratic functioning of equipment, usually of a mechanical or electrical nature; unexplained strong emotional episodes; and object movement. Haunting phenomena has also been described as “anomalous sensory experiences and physical changes in the environment” (Harte, Black, and Hollinshead, 1999).

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