New Evidence Of Paranormal

The Indiana Ghost Trackers Association recently conducted investigations in both The Old Courthouse Catacombs and The House Of Lecter. Results of their study conclude that both buildings contain Paranormal Activity that reflects “Haunting.”One of the most unusual incidents was in an area beneath the old courthouse in the catacombs. In one particular area the investigative team’s compass began to spin around repeatedly. There was no electrical panels, live wires or metal in the area. They concluded that something might be buried in the dirt floors. TheĀ  ground directly below the compass was excavated with a shovel only producing broken chunks of brick and an old small bottle with a cap.

However, closer inspection of the bottle revealed it was stuffed full of newspaper articles. After failing to remove the articles with tweezers, the team decided to break the bottle. Dozens of old crumbling articles, dating back to Feb. 27th, 1927 were inside. Oddly enough the articles were all stories or notices about murders or missing people.

In a strangely connected event, last year during the haunted house tours, two characters claimed they saw a ghost. It occurred in the room next to the room where the bottle was discovered.

According to the floor supervisor’s report, the two men said they saw something floating along near the ceiling that suddenly dashed out of the room in to the
next chamber. Several people, including the supervisor, noted that the two men were visibly shaken. They left the building immediately and never returned, not even for their paycheck.
Other tests indicated variances in temperature and digital recording displayed orbs in both structures.